Life is beautiful

2014.04.13 Tulips in a field (Skagit Tulip Festival)

2014.04.13 Tulips in a field (Skagit Tulip Festival)

OK. Life isn't always beautiful. But at this moment in time, life IS beautiful. For me.

I have given myself space and permission to put life on pause.

Previously, this meant giving myself a spiritual timeout. Time to isolate myself from the stresses of everyday living. Relationships. Work. Finances. Self-inflicted expectations and disappointment. 


Self-inflicted? Yes. I found myself cramming my world with totally arbitrary deadlines. To make matters worse, these deadlines were often associated with "projects" that were ambiguous at best - often with no real sense of completion or something to show for it. I found myself creating all sorts of things I wanted to do and learn about...but I didn't give myself space to let ideas and creations bubble.

By putting my life on pause, I'm allowing myself to take a snapshot of this moment in time. To not only capture it, but to frame it. To study it. To learn from it. To grow with it.

While visiting the Skagit Tulip Festival last weekend, I made a conscious decision to step away from the hyper-connected world I live in and just admire a world filled with vibrant colors and living, breathing energy. 

While gazing across vast fields of tulips, I felt a sense of inner peace. Normally, I could honestly give a shit about looking at flowers. They're nice, and they're beautiful - but they don't usually strike me one way or the other. This time, though, there was something different. Something that was a loving reminder to just appreciate this moment. 

Compared to the seemingly endless fields of tulips, people appeared so tiny and almost irrelevant. Not irrelevant in a derogatory sense, but in the sense that there is a much larger world out there than one fueled by Facebook and Twitter streams, email, and always on/nearly always available technology.

Most importantly, I was reminded of a note I wrote to myself at the beginning of the year:

Live everyday as its own unique adventure

That's pretty solid advice. I think I'll do that.